Welcome to the Festus Molenje Memorial Children & Youth Foundation. Our organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life for AIDS orphans in Africa. Through community outreach, programs and services. The Festus Molenje Memorial Boarding School and Health Clinic in Kakamega,Kenya will educate and care for children orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic that is sweeping sub Saharan Africa.

Our long-term goal is to produce educated and healthy young adults armed with knowledge of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention life skills. Also, to increase knowledge of preventable health issues in the community and reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Kenya's Western Province.



The Festus Molenje Memorial Foundation recently had another successful fundraiser. Special thanks to all who attended. If you were unable to attend you can still make a contribution by clicking the Contributions tab above.
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Our founder, Gloria Molenje, vistied the site of the new boarding school in Kakamega, Kenya. She received a pledge of support from some of the highest ranking officials in the Kenyan government, including the Minister of Housing, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Education.

Hon. Soita Shitanda, M.P.
Find out more by viewing our online slideshow to see how your generous contributions are making a difference.
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